How do they do that?
Why is it done that way?
How long does it take?
What does that mean?
We all have questions, some have answers.

From The Factory is a new series Grand Banks is bringing to our customers, to give a behind the scenes look at the complexities and events that take place daily in the life of a boatbuilder. Lifting the veil on techniques and processes, to see the thousands of parts that go into a luxury yacht, how they’re made, the people who craft them, and how they all ultimately come together to deliver somebody’s dream yacht.

The first entry of series was a milestone for us, and will show you the precision at which the two halves – the hull and the deck – come together to become a fully constructed yacht. This video features one of our latest models, GB60 hull #4, which is the first GB60 we’ve built so far to have the deck and superstructure fully completed, prior to fitting them together with the hull.

One of our builders, David, can be seen here working with his team of GB veterans as they expertly manoeuvre and position several tons of carbon fibre superstructure delicately and precisely onto the fibreglass hull. In one scene, the camera pans across the top of the hull where you can see the engines, and all the bulkheads in place, which must mate with their counterparts suspended under the superstructure perfectly. The electrical has all been routed throughout the cabin, as have the required plumbing. The two halves come together nicely to give the complete profile of the boat, which is heading Stateside soon to an accomplished sailor, and an eager owner, who will have an incredible new toy to play with in the Spring!

Let us know if there is something you’d like to see!