GB Regatta in the Whitsundays

A recent GB Owners’ regatta rendezvous in Australia’s gorgeous Whitsundays off Queensland was hosted, and organised by Grand Banks Yachts’ Gold Coast rep Todd Holzapfel and his wonderful crew. The regatta spanned over 3 days, and was the perfect getaway for over 80 dedicated boaters, seasoned and new, and gave the tribe an excuse to get together, share some laughs, make some friends, see both classic and new GBs, and enjoy stunning weather in an Australian paradise.

Friday began with sunset cocktails and canapés on the back of GB65 ‘Havana’, listening to classic Boatie tunes, with 30-40 eager GB owners & their families. Once the sun set it was off to the Mexican restaurant on Hamilton Island for a delicious banquet dinner.

Among the attendees were GB65 ‘Havana’, GB52 ‘Bermuda II’, GB47 ‘Black Witch’, GB47 ‘Windward’, PB55 ‘Harbour Island’, GB46 ‘Rare Pleasure’, the head-turning EB44 ‘Cloud Control’, and the new Grand Banks flagship GB60 ‘Anuha II’.

Saturday drew a large crew as the GB65 ‘Havana’ and a classy Palm Beach 55 were loaded up with excited faces as they embarked on a beautiful day at Whitehaven Beach. A lavish fresh seafood buffet, with fresh seasonal salads continued to put smiles on everyones faces and the weather put on a famous Queensland sunny day for the water-bound activities. Paddle boards came out, with some people sticking close to the bar and swimming off the yachts, while other groups ventured into the beach for a swim before a sunset cruise back into Hamilton Island for the evening.

Sunday was the main event, drawing the largest crowd. Most of the tribe departed Hamilton Island at 11am in convoy along with our chartered three storey Catamaran ‘Hamilton Star’. One or two of the yachts were running behind schedule and caught up to rest just as they arrived at Cid Harbour. This may have been due to the previous evening’s festivities but all we would say is you only live once!

The proud new owners of EB44 ‘Cloud Control’ and GB60 ‘Anuha II’ were the talk of the day, and pleased to show off their new toys. It was a wonderful chance for owners and onlookers of previous GB yachts to see the new Grand Banks designs up close and in person.

At Cid Harbour, the vessels rafted up alongside ‘Hamilton Star’, forming a raft chain with a sizeable footprint, and had the 9m RIB tendering guest to and from their vessels, as well as doing Hamilton Island transfers throughout the event. On-board ‘Hamilton Star’ the catering included 4 hours of delicious canapés and cold beverages including Oatley wines being served. Kids were also catered for in the Kiddy corner of fun supervised by Jess the nanny, because happy kids = happy parents. Well done Jess!

At 4pm ‘Hamilton Star’ departed for Hamilton Island with just a couple of guests – the rest of the attendees then boarded GB65 ‘Havana’ and PB55 ‘Harbour Island’ which remained rafted up until ‘Harbour Island’ departed for a twilight run back to Hammo.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mel and Cheryl who planned every detail of the rendezvous, and pulled off an enormously successful event with big smiles on their faces, and made it look easy! And another huge thanks to all that attended the regatta, we love getting together with the GB Community and swapping salty stories. Looking forward to the next one!

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