Grand Banks Factory Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Grand Banks’ manufacturing facility is nothing like your typical factory. For one, we directly own the facility, which means continual investment in its development to ensure it meets our extremely high standards. Part of this investment has led to our brand-new, state-of-the-art test pool. This controlled environment, which accommodates yachts up to 80 feet, tests all systems during the rigid quality control process.

While in the test pool, every yacht is treated like a new part of the Grand Banks family. A red carpet leads to a no-shoe zone where our specialists treat the yacht with the affection and care its new owners will soon lavish upon it. After undergoing two extensive tests in the pool, the yacht undergoes an on-water sea trial before leaving the factory for its new home.

At Grand Banks, we don’t just build boats and send them on their way. We lovingly craft them, perfect them and test them so they’re ready to hit the seas upon delivery and ready for years of use.