All yacht owners eventually reach the same stage during their ownership experience: the back and forth of when and if to sell their yacht. A variety of reasons may have led you to this fork in the road. Maybe you’re looking to trade in on another model. Maybe you’re looking to build new. Whatever the reason, you now have to determine which yacht broker will represent you in the sale of your pride and joy.

Today you’ll find a plethora of folks hanging a shingle outside their garage, creating a little website and then calling themselves a yacht broker. However, at Grand Banks Yacht Sales, we feel strongly that listing your previously owned yacht with our team of highly qualified, factory-direct yacht consultants is the best way to protect your investment and yield the best results. Here are nine reasons to choose us:

We are specialists, not generalists.

We know intimately every model ever produced by Grand Banks. Some of the key members of our yacht consultant team have been selling new and previously owned Grand Banks yachts for more than 35 years. We leverage our insight to your advantage.

We price correctly.

Correct pricing determines the success of a yacht listing. At Grand Banks Yacht Sales, our myopic focus on this market ensures we price your yacht to be sold, not just to be ‘for sale.’ While a sales generalist will have to spend time researching to become familiar with your model, our specialists can almost instantly place your particular yacht within the context of the overall brokerage market.

We have a direct line to the factory.

If any particular issues arise during the sales process, our relationship with the Grand Banks factory will yield an immediate response and the best results. You’re part of the Grand Banks family and treated accordingly.

We have Grand Banks backing us.

Our brokerage division has the full support of Grand Banks Yachts, a 61-year-old, publicly listed, international company. We leverage all of our resources during a transaction and follow strict internal governing processes dictated by our outside auditors.

We know how and where to market your yacht.

Our internal Marketing Services Department has the research, database management resources, photographers, videographers and media buyers on staff to ensure we properly market your listing.

We know whom to market your yacht to.

This includes an aggressive print advertising campaign in national marine publications, and targeted digital email campaigns. Through our New Boat Sales Division, we participate in nearly a dozen boat shows around the country where we include a dedicated brokerage kiosk and on-site Grand Banks yacht consultants. No other brokerage firm invests in this type of direct market exposure on your behalf.

We list online.

Every listing is presented on and by, the largest online brokerage portal in the world, placing your yacht on yacht marketing websites across the world.

We are experts on market trends.

Because we’re actively engaged in the sales of new and previously owned Grand Banks models, our market intelligence can’t be matched. We know what potential buyers may be looking for, who they are and what is trending. We apply this distinct advantage to your listing. You should never have to educate your broker on the used Grand Banks, Eastbay or Aleutian market.

We sell the most brokerage yachts.

In just three years, Grand Banks Yacht Sales has become the number-one reseller of Grand Banks brands, according to

If you’d like to discuss your brokerage sales needs, please call us at (877) 291-4220 to schedule a consultation.