Grand Banks Yachts are continuously looking for ways to improve and grow at the factory. The past several years has seen a prominent focus on improving the facilities and workplace environment for our employees, enhancing comfort and productivity in the factory.

Robotics area CNC render


Over the past few years Grand Banks has been relocating most of the departments in the factory, to ensure the production line layout now flows smoothly throughout the factory from raw materials through to finished product. The new layout of the factory moves through each department seamlessly, from the start of production to the end. This layout has reduced labour intensive methods of transporting parts between departments, furthermore increasing efficiency in the workplace.

The exciting arrival of a second 8-axis CNC robot has kicked off 2019 at the Grand Banks factory, with the team currently working together to build a fresh new robot facility. The new facility will house the two robots which will work simultaneously, either together or individually, depending on the demand. The implementation of a second robot will increase production in the factory, reducing the amount of labor intensive tasks and outputting a larger number of parts.

Along with the restructure of the layout comes a newly completed roof area at the front of the factory. The new roof area provides shelter for the employees here at Grand Banks, creating a cooler and more comfortable working environment, which is protected from varying weather conditions and enhanced by natural breezes flowing to increase ventilation. The installation of additional roof areas over the factory in recent years has developed a safer and more functional workplace environment for all of our employees, and created around 40% more usable space for production. We are eager to see what the New Year will bring to Grand Banks Yachts and can’t wait to share more news from the factory when the new robot facility is complete.