Ocean Magazine’s Hillary Buckman and Brittany Cooper toured the Grand Banks yard with CEO Mark Richards to see first hand all the changes, upgrades and improvements that have been made at the factory following its complete overhaul. With a model range of 9 yachts currently in production, with 5 new models also in development, Ocean was given a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run a world-leading boat yard, and the exciting flurry of activity that happens daily at the yard. The article reads:

In 2014, Grand Banks acquired Australian boat builder Palm Beach Motor Yachts and along with it, CEO Mark Richards. A move that improved the company’s workplace environment, production process and product.

“Business today is about reinventing yourself and staying ahead of the curve. The very first day I turned up at Grand Banks I realised I could make a big difference to the place,” recalls Richards.

Uncover Grand Banks’ acquisition of Palm Beach Motor Yachts and the changes to Grand Banks Yachts that came with it.

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This article was originally published in Ocean Magazine, and is available on their website here.