The owner of the first Grand Banks 60 hull, recently set sail to Lord Howe Island with a group of mates for a well-deserved Men’s Week. Activities included deep sea fishing, a day-trip to Ball’s Pyramid, barefoot lawn bowls and many more – now that’s our idea of a well-spent week at sea! Here’s what he had to say about their adventurous week onboard the GB60.

“We did the trip from Sydney via Port Macquarie- the final leg of 315nm in 24 hours. That was cruising at 19 knots by day and about 9 knots overnight. Very quiet and comfortable with the Seakeeper and aircon running the whole way even though the sea was a bit sloppy and on the beam.

Fishing was amazing on this boat – what a platform!

14 men in total comfort shooting out at 20+ knots in barely average sea conditions. Fishing drifts side on to chop and swell but with almost zero rocking. So 6 at a time could line the side deck and haul in great fish without difficulty.”

“We headed down to Ball’s Pyramid- the worlds biggest and most majestic sea born monolith, what an awesome sight. Again we were rewarded with fish, but the trip was worth it just for the scenery.

Other activities included a Wine Contest, Barefoot Lawn Bowls, Golf, and a Live Music Night at the Anchorage Restaurant which attracted a big crowd. A wonderful week. The boat was a big hit with everyone including the locals who wanted to crawl all over her.

Thanks for delivering me this wonderful vessel, and for the continued support which has been exemplary from the local team.”

– David.

We pride ourselves on a factory-direct sales model, allowing us to develop and maintain customer relationships, also offering our customers the freedom to play a major part in building their dream yacht and seeing it progress. We love hearing about our customer’s experiences on board their new yachts and their resulting performance. As witnessed here the GB60 is doing her job and doing it well, enhanced versatility, heightened efficiency, apt performance in varying conditions and most of all providing an all-around good time for the men onboard. For performance specifications and more details on the highly efficient GB60, click here.