Editor of Powerboat-World.com, John Curnow visits Grand Banks Yachts and sister brand Palm Beach Motor Yachts at the recent Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, giving us the low-down on their future releases. Distinguishing the difference in aesthetics between the two brands he shows appreciation for the hard work, attention to detail and extensive knowledge they both possess.

Nearly every person I know in the marine game covets a Palm Beach. Its the style, the performance, the build quality, the niceties, the durability, and dare I say it, the je nes sais quoi…It is fairly much the same thing for Grand Banks, albeit maybe somewhat more adroit, perhaps more in touch with the masculine side of the ledger, where curves give way to straight edges.

A quick chat to CEO Mark Richards at the recent Sanctuary Cove Boat Show unveils the details of the upcoming GT60, PB70 and the GB54. Read the full article below to learn more about these exciting new models from both brands!

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