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Grand Banks Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Closing out the year, we take a look back on what we’ve achieved in 2017, and roll back the clock to where it all began 60 years ago.

The 60th anniversary of Grand Banks is a proud milestone for us, and paints quite the picture of how the company has evolved over the decades. From humble beginnings on the Hong Kong waterfront, established by American John Newton and his two sons, what began as an ambitious hobby under the name American Marine, has blossomed into today’s Grand Banks Yachts. Spanning several continents, employing over 500 very talented people, and still creating some of the most revolutionary luxury motor yachts on the seas throughout the world.

In this time, Grand Banks has been responsible for popularising the now iconic recreational trawler style yacht, beginning with the famous “Spray”, which influenced the original Grand Banks 36′; as well as introducing the world to another iconic style of yacht, the Downeast cruiser through our range of Eastbays.

Every Grand Banks Yacht we make is built in our own facility, from raw materials that are expertly crafted and constructed into the fine finishes that define our designs. Thousands of parts go into every model, and they are all made right here, by us: the fine polished stainless steel fittings and accents, the upholstery and furniture throughout the boats, the fine timber joinery and decking, all the way to the fully infused FRP parts and structures we lay up on moulds we build in-house. We like to control every aspect of the production process, so we can ensure every part weighs what it should, and is of the high standard in which we take pride. This ethos led us to switch to our factory-direct customer model, which means you have a direct link with the people who built your yacht without dealing with middlemen.

To celebrate 60 years of passionate boat building, we overhauled our entire shipyard to become one of the most technologically advanced, clean and efficient boat building facilities on the planet. And as a cherry on top, we launched our appropriately named Grand Banks 60 to the world, which has been widely received as a new benchmark in long-range cruising, heralded for it’s incredible range and efficiency, along with its striking beauty and classic Grand Banks style and charm.

From 2016 – 2017, we expanded our main factory space to increase usable area by a further 25%, while we focused on streamlining more than 20 departments that look after the various stages of our builds, and the process by which they all interact. We have built a brand new on-premise swimming pool for testing and commissioning our yachts, further increasing production efficiency, and allowing extensive testing in a controlled environment that is not dictated by the weather.

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