Building Our Luxury Yachts

Exceptional Design

From the sophisticated profile of the Eastbay to the timeless lines of the traditional Grand Banks, we take enormous pride in our role as a leading luxury yacht manufacturer. Our spacious interiors feature beautiful classic teak joinery, solid-surface countertops, ceramic sinks and elegant fittings to ensure your Grand Banks is a true work of art. Our monocoque technique fuses the hull, deck, bulkhead and fixed furniture during construction to achieve incredible strength and unrivaled seagoing aptitude.

Spacious Interiors

Grand Banks interiors are open and spacious, with oversized power windows that deliver exceptional sightlines in every direction and allow for breezes to flow through the cabin. The single-level layouts of our yachts increase visibility and accessibility, and full-beam entertainment spaces in the light-filled salon and cockpit mean you and your guests can stretch out in comfort. Full walk-around decks allow for safe and easy passage to the foredeck, and modern amenities in our galleys and staterooms ensure sure you’ll feel at home no matter where you are.

Engineering & Construction

The reimagined Grand Banks offers a whole new level of quality and excellence, marrying advanced composites with impeccable old-world craftsmanship. Our new models feature fully infused carbon fiber decks and superstructures for added strength and weight reduction, allowing for a controlled center of gravity and impressive stability. The hull also benefits from 100% vinylester resins and a cross-linked Corecell™ foam core, creating an ideal power-to-weight ratio and enhanced durability.

Carbon Fiber

Grand Banks has entered a new world in recreational yacht design and construction using fully infused carbon fiber in strategic areas of our yachts. Employing fully infused carbon fiber techniques lends incredible strength and stiffness to our designs, while the resulting reduced weight aloft means we achieve a vital lower center of gravity. No other luxury yacht manufacturer comes close.

LayouT options

Turn your Grand Banks into a personalized, comfortable retreat. Several layout options give you the opportunity to create a yacht that feels just right and meets all your cruising preferences. Speak with our team today to realize your dream yacht.

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