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On July 8th – 13th, the 12 metre World Championship will be held in Newport, Rhode Island, for the largest gathering of the 12 Metre class of yachts in the world. This years championship is comprised of 24 yachts from Australia, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Finland, Italy and the United States and driven by iconic America’s Cup veterans and Olympic medallists.

The 12 Metre class is a rating for racing sailboats which are constructed and designed in line with the International Rule. This class allows a fair competition in sailing racing, while still having the freedom to experiment with unique details of yacht design. The 12 metre class mirrors a living history of the design of sailing racers, designed by some of the world’s most legendary naval architects including Olin Stephens, Philip Rhodes, Johan Anker, William Fife III, Ben Lexcen, Clinton Crane and more. These men pushed their yacht design to the absolute limits, developing the highest standard of yacht design which were destined for the highest of sailing racing competitions, including the America’s Cup and the Olympic games.

Grand Banks Yachts is proud to be an official sponsor of the 12 Metre Worlds for 2019 and will be watching on at the event, come see us on the newly released GT50 and Palm Beach 52 from Grand Banks’ sister brand, Palm Beach Motor Yachts.

For more details please contact Holly Paterson at hollyp@grandbanks.com.