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When you own a Grand Banks yacht, you become part of a global community of boating enthusiasts enjoying the good life on the water. Grand Banks owners around the world have come together to share their knowledge, ideas and experiences, and to foster camaraderie through social gatherings and activities. The following Grand Banks Owners Associations are currently active and accepting new members.

Owners Associations

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Chesapeake Bay Grand Banks Owners Association, Inc.

Chesapeake Bay Owners Club

Chesapeake Bay Grand Banks Owners Association, Inc. (CBGBOA)

Group information

CBGBOA is an association of current and former owners of Grand Banks yachts. We sponsor social activities, cruises and the exchange of information and ideas. We promote an understanding of our boats with emphasis on maintenance and technical issues.  We also promote pride in ownership of the Grand Banks brand.

Criteria for joining

Eligibility requirements for membership include:

  • Ownership of a Grand Banks vessel at the time of becoming a Member.
  • Ownership of a cruising vessel similar to a Grand Banks at the tine of becoming a member.
  • Membership for the owner of the vessel shall be sponsored by two CBGBOA members who are in good standing and the application shall be approved by the board.
  • Completion of a CBGBOA application.
  • Payment of dues as established by the Officers.

Number of members

63 members

Estimated number / type of events per year

  • 5 formal events per year:
  • Spring Brunch
  • Lower Bay Cruise
  • Mid Bay Cruise
  • Upper Bay Cruise
  • Fall Rendezvous

Upcoming events

  • June 1-8 – Lower Bay Cruise : Great Wicomico – Onancock
  • July 19-22 Chester and Corsica River Cruise
  • August – Upper Bay Cruise 
  • October 4-7 – Fall Rendezvous

Website URL: www.cbgboa.org

Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/CBGBOA

Facebook Group Page: www.facebook.com/groups/387766055014555/

Puget Sound Owners AssociationPuget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association

Group information

Pacific Northwest U.S. Owners Group of Grand Banks owners. Owners of all Grand Banks models are welcome!   

Criteria for joining

Own a Grand Banks; Most members reside or keep their Grand Banks in the Pacific Northwest U.S. but it is not a requirement.

Number of members

Approx. 500

Estimated number / type of events per year

1 Rendezvous per year

Upcoming event

PSGBOA Grand Banks Rendezvous

Website URL: www.psgbowners.org

Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/PSGBOA

Grand Banks Owners Club ScandinaviaGrand Banks Owners Club, Scandinavia

Group information

Grand Banks Owners Club, Scandinavia was founded in Oslo, Norway 5th January 2013. The club aims to collect Grand Banks owners in Scandinavia for building social relationship and for joint purchase of the Grand Banks effects.

The club will systematically map the Grand Banks-built boats in Scandinavia.

Criteria for joining

You must either own a GB or about to buy one in the very near future

Number of members

Approx. 90 distributed over approx 76 boats

Estimated number / type of events per year

1 – 2

Upcoming events

Annual meeting and “get-together” at Bohus Malmön (58 20,956 / 11 20,627), Sweden 2018-07-06. 

Website URL – www.grandbanksowners.no 

Facebook URL – www.facebook.com/groups/142699079218409

Grand Banks Owners Club SwedenGrand Banks Ownership Association SwedenGrand Banks Owners Club Sweden

Group information

In the year of 2013, the Grand Banks Owners Club Sweden was started complementary to Grand Banks Scandinavia to keep the community of Grand Banks yachts owners in Sweden with regular summer events on the east coast and winter events on land. The GB owners in Finland are invited and much welcome to participate in our events.

Any criteria for joining?

Owning a Grand Banks but also previous owners and persons with a genuine interest in Grand Banks may join.

Number of members

Forty-six members for the year 2018.

Estimated number / type of events per year

One annual meeting, one meet up with boats and one autumn dinner each year. Sometimes an additional meet up, with or without boats, is arranged.

Upcoming events

Annual meeting March 10 and meet up with boats, TBA in the Stockholm archipelago, July 14-16.

Website URL: www.grandbanks.se

Facebook URL: Only available to members

Grand Banks Woodies & Alaskan Trawlers AssociationGrand Banks Woodies & Alaskan Trawlers

Group information

The earliest production models of Grand Banks were referred to as “Woodie” production models. Enthusiasts unite for the special interest of Woodie rennovation. This is an invaluable service to Grand Banks owners and contains forums on cruising, specifications, and repair questions.

Please visit the website for more information.

Web URL: www.gbwoodies.com

Great Lakes Grand Banks Association

Great Lakes Grand Banks AssociationGreat Lakes Grand Banks Association

Group information

The Great Lakes Grand Banks Association is an inclusive, non-profit organization promoting opportunities for social and educational interaction among people who enjoy pleasure boats and who have a common interest and appreciation of the trawler lifestyle, and the Grand Banks Brand in particular. Please download our club brochure for additional information.

Great Lakes Grand Banks Association Burgee

Eligibility requirements for membership include

Whether you are a current or former boat owner, or simply interested boating…whether your boat is a Grand Banks or a different brand… you are invited to join the GLGBA. At the incredibly low cost of just $50 U.S. per year, your membership will entitle you to Fun, Friendship & More. Check out our open website, www. glgba.org to find out more about who we are, what we do, what you are missing and how to join the GLGBA.

Number of members

193 members

Estimated number / type of events per year

  • Summer Rendezvous (with pre and post mini-rendezvous)
  • Winter Rendezvous

Upcoming events

  • Aug 8, 9, 10 – Summer Rendezvous at Harbor Springs, MI

Website URL: www.glgba.org

Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/groups/152002095456742/

Information Brochure: www.glgba.org/documents/glgba_flyer_low_2019.pdf

Northeast Grand Banks Association LogoNortheast Grand Banks Owners Association

Group information

The North East Grand Banks Owners Association a non-profit Rhode Island Corporation dedicated to enhancing the experience of all Grand Banks owners living or cruising the coastal North East waters, especially New England.  Our by-laws state the purposes of the organizations as:

  • To create opportunities for social interaction among owners, potential owners and other individuals having an appreciation for boats bearing the Grand Banks brand name.
  • To foster enjoyable, safe and knowledgeable boating.
  • To promote environmentally responsible boating.
  • To provide means of communication between members for discussion related to recreational boating.
  • To promote pride of ownership in the Grand Banks brand.

Eligibility requirements for membership include

Owner of Grand Banks or Associate Membership

Number of members

55 members

Estimated number / type of events per year

Four One Annual Meeting in the Spring and Three or Four Summer Rendezvous/Cruises

Upcoming events

Three Cruises/Rendezvous

Website URL: www.negboa.com

Contact Email: president@negboa.com

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